27 October 2011

Samantha Rendle

My guest for Halloween...
Young Indie Writer Samantha Rendle
talks about her hopes, ambitions and her Vampire Novel!

I grew up surrounded by creativity. I’d watch my mum draw portraits of actors, actresses and band members  and wonder how she did it. Her portraits were so accurate and so fascinating to me, and I thought that she could’ve easily made a career out of it. I started drawing people too, but found it very difficult. I thought, if she doesn’t make a career out of her art, I would. However, it took years and years of practice and I’m still far from perfect, far from my mother’s standard. But I knew that whatever career path I wanted to take, I wanted it to be creative.

13 October 2011

Mr Mick Rooney

Mick Rooney is an author, editor and publishing consultant from the Republic of Ireland. He has published nine books since 1990, through his own imprint, using author solutions services, and he has also published through mainstream publishers.
Welcome to my Guest Page Mick! 
Thanks Helen for having me along as a guest for the blog book tour of my new novel The Memory of Trees.
   I wanted to talk about the rebirth of the culture of the spoken word. In spite of the growth of ebooks, the competition from entertainment mediums like TV and gaming, and not to mention the challenges facing authors and the publishing industry in difficult economic times; the spoken word as a vehicle for the delivery of literature appears to be undergoing quite a renaissance. While we hear a lot about digitalisation in publishing and sales of ebooks soon to go into double percentage figures in the UK, we should not overlook the significance of the boom in audiobooks as well.