6 September 2012

Richard Denning - HNS Conference Guest of the Day

Richard has self published several Young Adult novels via his own 
Mercia Books

Richard will be on the Conference panel for 
Success the Indie Way
The advantages of being self-published in HF 
and how best to go that route  
with Helen Hart, Cathy Helms & Helen Hollick 
o book a place if you are attending the Conference click HERE

I am 43 and work as a GP in North Birmingham. I am married with two children. I have always had an interest in Science Fiction, Fantasy and also History. I love the books of Tolkien (Lord of the Rings), Terry Pratchett (The Disc World novels), Bernard Cornwell (Sharpe, The Saxon and Longbow series) and George MacDonald Frazer (Flashman). Those and TV such as Star Trek, Farscape, Angel, Stargate, along which historical mysteries like Cadfael and Poirot have had  a strong influence on my writing.

I have been writing since the age of about 32 and I have three series which I am writing. The Amber Treasure is about 6th and 7th century Northumbria and the early years of Saxon England. The Last Seal is historical fantasy set in the 17th century and the book I have just released in paperback, Tomorrow’s Guardian is a teen time-travel adventure. The sequel will be out later in the spring.

Traditionally the only real route to publication was to get an agent and publisher. That is of course a valid route and an option I am also exploring. But with the economy still fragile it is an extremely hard time to get a publisher. My books had been read and enjoyed by a number of readers and I decided to try self publishing as a way of getting the books into more hands.

The world is changing and with the rapid rise of e-books sales and the ability to sell on Amazon and the internet this is a good time for small press and self published authors to get their work out there.
In the end what counts is the quality of the books. If readers enjoy the books and want to read more it really does not matter HOW the book got to them.

If you go back a few years the only way for an author to promote books was to visit book shops all over the country. This method is still used of course and meeting readers is a great aim. However, the internet has changed everything.
Rather than an author getting 40 or 50 people (if they are lucky) at a book tour visit to a book shop they can access hundreds and even thousands via visits to Book Blog sites.

Richard's website

Richard's Banquet Guests

All four of my favourite authors – Tolkien, Pratchett and Cornwell. I would love to be able to chat about their books and their writing.

Bilbo Baggins because he knows how to have a good time and likes his food and drink. 

Hercule Poirot for when someone gets murdered (come on its inevitable - it is a banquet!). 

The Duke of Wellington and Alexander the Great so we can discuss the great battles of history. 

Sir Ian Botham (I am a cricket fan so he and I can talk about the game). 

and  Steven Moffat the Dr Who director and writer. Love to talk about his stories and find out what is going to happen in the next series.


  1. Very interesting choice of dinner guests: But who would be most likely to be the murder victim, and who the murderer?

  2. LOL: I nominate Sir Ian Botham will murder Bilbo Baggins because Hobbits don't understand cricket

  3. whilst Poirot despite being a Belgium once demonstrated that he did (at least on the TV).

  4. Enjoyed this! I did try the link to sign up for Richard's session on Sunday but there was no place on that page to click and add my name. Maybe I need to go elsewhere to do this? Would love to sit in!

  5. LOL Richard - so he did! Kathryn - you're right, no click through. I'll investigate for you.

  6. Kathryn - I think to book for specific talks and workshops you have to contact: barbara.alderton.1(AT)gmail(DOT)com


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